Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The CrossFit Quirk

You've cursed at Fran, yelled at Helen and always gave good Grave
And although it is an individual workout, some treat it like a race
And now that we are three years old it surely would be rude
If Neil and I didn't thank you all in the only way we know we could
"Arggh burpees" we hear you cry, not today that truly would not be fair
Not for all the fantastic members that are trusted in to our care
No, now that we are three years old, the BBB is our gift to you
And with our support it is a workout we know you will all get through
So thank you all for joining us and giving all you've got
And what it boils down to is you are really not a bad lot!
We've laughed, we've cried, sometimes its said that Drew has even sworn
And many a kipping pullup hand has bled when it has been badly torn
But everday you all come back, "please sir can we have more?"
To come up with wods to keep you fit that is our daily chore
So like a modern day Fagan and that rogue bill Sykes we will set you hard to work
And you will moan, then give everything you have got, that is the CrossFit Quirk

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