Wednesday, 25 March 2009

CrossFit in the Canaries - Workout 5

Workout number five - "HellClimb"
How to complete this workout;
Firstly make sure the gym is about 35C and there are five or six normal gym rats present.
Next, complete Helen making as much noise as possible,
Then go straight on to the LF Summit Climber - it will be free, no gym rat uses it, none are as tough as a CrossFitter.
Do a ten minute hill climb making grunting noises during each step, as loud as possible and maybe throw in the occassional sware word, that really gets them going.
Finish off by run straight out the gym door in to the 270m infinity pool and shout at the calemero to bring you a chilled cervazo.
Workout time: 9'36" , cool down: Hell its Tenerife - you don't cool down.

PS Make sure not to look at the Lamborghini promotional girls (they are launching their new model here this week) They will act only as a distraction and will not make your workout easier

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