Friday, 27 March 2009

CrossFit in the Canaries alt W.O.D.

W.O.D. Friday 27th March 2009
"WOD for the super tough"

Take lift into basement, walk past 22 Lamborghinis
Jump into BMW Z4 and quick as you can, put the top down
Drive around posing and waving for an hour, deneying you were ever James Bond
(but sign a few autographs as Sir Sean anyway)(alternate hands for signing)
Return to room to find ice bucket with two bottles of bubbly - drink one
Go for circuit round Yhi Spa - make sure to burn at least five Kcal.
Return to room and drink other bottle of bubbly - use other hand for the glass.
Stop to think about gym back home and what the weather mightbe like,
then a nano second later slip down to the pool and lie back on a Balanese bed.

and as Kempie would say - take a deep breathe and do it again!!!!

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