Friday, 15 August 2008

Why choose BasixGym?

Having now been open for over six months and crossed the magic hurdle of the first one hundred members, it seemed as good a time as any to stop and reflect why customers choose CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym and more importantly, why they stayed with us. After all they are not tied into a contract like every other gym/health club and also the workouts could be described as more intense than in other facilities.

The best way I can find to describe why BasixGym works is to compare it to Google. Yes, I know a search engine is not a gym, but wait and I will explain. Nearly everyone that is connected to the web tends to use Google. The percentages are so high that you have to question why other search engines exist. The first impression of Google is their simply interface. The initial screen is uncluttered and none of your time is taken uop by fancy graphics and complex displays. It is very simple. A CrossFit workout is very similar. In fact, some of the best workouts are those that are the simplest. A CrossFit gym is not cluttered with fancy electronic equipment and television screens. BasixGym, as the name suggests, is a basic facility. Like Google though, it does what you ask of it.

Okay, so we all appreciated the simpleness of the Google interface, but what is more important than that is that when we search for what we are looking for, Google provides results. If it didn't, you would not use it again. It may be one thing to present an easy to use interface but if when you search for what your looking for, you do not find it, you would not return. Any Gym is like that. Fail to provide what the member is looking for and they won't come back. At Basix, and bearing in mind there is no contract, our members keep coming back. We work them hard and through positive encouragement help them to achieve to a level that most did not think possible. In other words, we provide results - just like Google.
So, six months done the line from opening, I am pleased to announce that our members are finding what they are looking for and more. Google works and CrossFit works.
I like to think that CrossFit is to fitness what Google is to search engines!

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steph said...

Got to agree with Rons comments on the simple, but effective nature of the training in Basix Gym.
Whether you are 16 or 60, anyone can do it.
Having been training for more than 10 years now and having just discovered Crossfit 6 months ago, its dawned on me i have wasted 10 years of training time!
In a nutshell, forget your BODYBUILDING type exercises and split routines. Get down to BASIXGYM!
The results in overall fitness, strength and shape you get from CROSSFIT are miles ahead from what you will get from endless bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, etc,etc,etc.
Yes, its hard work and every day is different, but the gains are massive!
Oh, and if any bodybuilders out there disagree, come down and play.
The truth is at BASIX!!!!!!!!