Saturday, 9 August 2008

The inaugural Basix Complete was held today
at BasixGym. Neil, Kevin, Sammy, Ellie, Deborah
and Megan all took part and boy did they work hard.
Basix Complete has been set up by Ron and Neil
to provide their members, and of course any member of the
CrossFit community with an extra challenge.

For the inaugural Complete, Ron took the "Named WODs" (thanks to CrossFit for allowing us to use individual workouts) and extracted the individual disciplines. Eighteen were found that could be put into a workable order.
37 reps of each exercise meant that the total would be 666 - making it fall in with
the concept of Basix Complete to be a real "beast" of a workout, and what a beast it was.
With times around the 50 minute mark, the initial six gave everything they had and produced one hell of a workout - respect to you all. Below, Sammy Hill can be seen driving the bar
above his head on about round fourteen.
If you, like the rest of our members, are slightly deranged and would like to try a Basix Complete, it is our intention to present a fresh challenge each month and the most improved member will be presented with a trophy. We've already got the next one planned, which will be towards the end of September - so watch this space.
Deadlift 37 reps
Power Clean 37 reps
Dips 37 reps
Thruster 37 reps
Pull-ups 37 reps
Clean & Push Press 37 reps
Run 370m
Kettlebell Swing 37 reps
Snatch 37 reps
Row 37 cal
Wall Ball Shot 37 reps
Bench Press 37 reps
Sit-ups 37 reps
Shoulder Press 37 reps
Overhead Squat 37 reps
Box Jump 37 reps
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 37 reps
Push Press 37 reps
666 reps in total
Start with 50 kg for deadlift and strip 10kg off,
then remove a further 10kg. 9kg wallball and 20kg
kettlebell for KBS and SDHP.
W.O.D. Sat 9th Aug
"Thirty thirty"

Ten round of:
30 seconds box jump, 30 seconds push press, 60 second rest

The exercises changed every round and included;
box jump
air squat
kettlebell swing
shoulder press

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