Friday, 30 January 2009

"Jump Rope Master Class"

Friday 30/1/09
"Jump Rope Master Class"
On Friday night Boxer and Jump rope legend Sammy Hill, held a Master class. Fun was had by all, and it seemed that every body showed great improvement in thier Jumprope skills, especially double unders.
The session ended with a mini Jump rope WOD
25 Double unders
25 Sit ups
Rounds in 10 mins.
When the Master was finished everyone felt it would be beneficial to have Sammy back next month to do a follow up class.
This will go ahead at the end of February.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, thanks for the mention... ;) it's appreciated. Well done to everyone in the class. i was well impressed at the speed everyone picked up the technique and rattled out the doubles, p.s annie is my B***H 3mins 34seconds thanks again team speak soon