Thursday, 10 May 2012

"Thursday Thumper "

Thursday 10/05/12

Team WOD

In pairs take turns of each exersise combo before moving on to the nexr combo
Do as many reps as possible in the time it takes your partner to complete 250 m
Total up the nuber of reps done by the team
Record your time in seconds and divide by your toal number of reps
To get a score

250 m - KBS 24/16

250 m - MB Sit ups

250 m - Box Jumps/Steps

250 m - Pull ups

250 m - Burpees

250 m - DB Hang Power Clean 20/12.5 kg 

250 m - DB Push Press 20 /12.5 kg

250 m - Squats

Scale as required
Progamming by Neil

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